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Teen meme Rebecca Black was on Good Morning America today talking about the ridicule and fame brought by her "Friday" music video. She seems to be handling it pretty well, even if some of the mean YouTube comments made her cry.

GMA's interviewer had the tricky task of both appearing compassionate while shoving Black's face in the steaming pile of Internet hate that has piled on her. "I'm going to read you just some of the comments people have been saying online and they're not very nice," she said before asking, "What's the meanest thing you've read?" (Response: "I hope you go cut and die.") Yeah, Rebecca, are you aware of just how much everyone hates you on the Internet?

It's unsettling that the rage directed against "Friday," has focused so squarely on 13-year-old Rebecca Black. Why not save some ire for Ark Music Factory, the vanity production company that charged her parents $2,000 to basically fashion her into a snack for mean YouTube commenters? In fact 4chan's ongoing anti-Rebecca Black campaign appears to have settled on targeting Ark Music Factory, Right now, they're planning to take down Ark's website. Something is weird when 4chan makes the rest of the Internet looks bad.