Remember Eduardo Saverin? The sad co-founder of Facebook who got strong-armed out of the company by Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network (and also real life)? He's overcome his shattered dreams and is trying to get a piece of the next big tech thing.

Yesterday it was announced that 28-year-old Saverin invested some $3 million in a mobile payments start-up called Jumio. "I'm usually a critical person," Saverin said on Jumio's blog, "but the last time I have seen such a disruptive idea was actually Facebook." (Danger, Eduardo! You know what happened that time around!)

In addition to his investing, Saverin has been hanging out in Singapore recently, occasionally popping up to make appearances at sexy supermodel parties. Amazing how being forced out of Facebook with paltry $1 billion severance package has not completely ruined this poor young man's life.