Today we had a few technical problems, meaning we didn't post for a few hours and nobody's comments worked. Great! And it didn't escape you commenters' notice.

From redeye:

I hate to be the 10000th person to complain about the new site design but what is going on today? Did you guys all leave early to go drinking? It wont log me in and the stories have not refreshed in several hours.

Sigh. We're sorry about this. Lest you think we're ignoring the comments, emails, telegrams, sky writing, and however else you guys have chosen to voice your displeasure with the site's tech issues the last six weeks or so, we have heard and processed it and empathize. These problems bother us too! We're on the site all day every day, reading it, writing it, and trying to make it the best it can be, but it's hard to do that when things, well, don't work. So we feel your pain. We do. And we humbly thank you all for sticking with us while we try to get our shit together.