Where is the dark black heart from which all things filthy and corrupt emanate to pollute the souls of our innocent children? Andrea Peyser has found it:

The intersection be tween art and smut, where nudity devolves into in-your-face, nihilistic commercialism, has been located. It sits on the Lower East Side, a formerly Jewish, Irish and Hispanic precinct that's been invaded of late by Asians, yuppies, art-world hipsters, and — if you listen to longtime resident David DeJesus — pure filth.

Asians! Bringing pornography to the heretofore virtuous confines of the Lower East Side! The culprit is the art show "Pornucopia" at the Allegra Viola Gallery, which wantonly displays paintings that give "How much is that pussy in the window?" a whole new meaning. (A vaginal one.) Intrepid tabloid smut correspondent Andrea Peyser forced herself to visit the gallery and scrutinize all the works closely, very closely, until she concluded that, yes, there are indeed lots of nekkid ladies depicted therein.

After sating herself with her scrutinizations, Andrea ventured out journalistically to take the pulse of the neighborhood. And look what she found:

"It's very disgusting," said Nadia Checy, who is African-American, promising to "check out" the exhibit for herself.

First the Asians move in, with the pornography, and now they're seducing the African-Americans. This place really is going to hell.

[NYP. Photo: Duncan Hannah]