Courtney Love's history with Twitter is, like her history with everything, a rocky one. She vanished from the site in January after being sued for defamation by fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir over a tweet. You'd figure the fact that she paid out $430,000 to settle that lawsuit would have kept her off for good.

But it seems that Love's back on Twitter, now spewing nuggets of crazy under the handle cloverxxxlove. On Wednesday she announced her twitter rebirth with a storm of vicious tweets directed at Chelsea Handler. In fact her first tweet was "@chelseahandler i think you are a leathery idiot and rude. and beyond stupid." This makes sense, if you consider that Handler is now dating Courtney Love's ex, the hotelier Andre Balazs.

Since then, Cloverxxxlove has tweeted crazily at Carrie Fisher, Russell Crowe and a bunch of other celebrities. To Arianna Huffington she wrote: "its courtney, been years but am living in your old house, best fo luck… can i just ask? whats with the colours i feel like im living inside a peacock feather!" Indeed, Love moved into the West Village place previously occupied by Huffington and reportedly never turns off the lights.

It's possible this is a prank by someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of Courtney Love's life. But here is what Love just tweeted at Nikki Sixx: "Hey it's courtney im having atemporary lapse of hilarity, me and my friends are watching with complete disgust and horror at.. a total bourgoise "man of wealth and taste" bro-ing dow @chelseahandler aus with jello shots dribbling down to his pot belly." Sounds about right.

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