Today at Gawker.TV, Mindy Kaling gets real about Steve Carell's departure on The Office, Martha Stewart hangs with Craig Ferguson, Marisa Tomei wants to play Lady Gaga, and Paula Deen enlightens speculates about her unborn grandchildren—and their "buttholes."

Mindy Kaling Talks About Working with Will Ferrell on The Office
Can't say we blame Mindy for breaking while filming scenes with Will Ferrell. So what does she channel to fight off the giggles? An awful YouTube video of a woman throwing a cat into a bag and then a river. Sound familiar?

Watch Paula Deen React to "Paula Deen Riding Things" and Discuss Her Unborn Grandchild's "Little Butthole"
Today Paula Deen filled in for Kathie Lee and shared her personal speculations about her future grandchildren's sonograms: seeing a "big round, rosebud" and "two little balls." The proud Grandma exclaimed, "We gonna have three buttholes and six balls by July!"

Gilbert Gottfried's Dirty Jokes Told by the AFLAC Duck
Gilbert Gottfried recently got fired from his gig as the voice of the AFLAC duck for some insensitive tweets about the recent turmoil in Japan. So to turn the tables, here's the AFLAC duck telling some of Gottfried's dirty jokes.

Ted Danson Interviews in Complete Darkness and Shares His Farewell Video For Steve Carell on Late Night
Ted Danson appeared on Late Night to promote his new eco-friendly book, so the show went dark and held the interview using only two flashlights. We also got a glimpse of Ted and Mary Steenburgen's farewell tape for Steve Carell.

Marisa Tomei Would Love to Play Lady Gaga in a Movie
On The View, Joy told Marisa Tomei that Lady Gaga had suggested her for the starring role in a future Gaga biopic. Turns out, Marisa's game for the challenge, considering they're both Italian...and they already share the same wardrobe.

Martha Stewart Makes Her First Appearance on the Late Late Show
Given that Martha had never been on Craig Ferguson's show, she couldn't help but comment on the little man painted in gold or the fake horse named Secretariat that they keep backstage.

The Royal Wedding, the Queen, and Knighting: Simon Pegg Talks All Things British
Simon Pegg stopped by The Tonight Show to promote his upcoming alien flick, Paul. He discusses America's fascination with the Royal Wedding and how he'd like to Knight himself.

Bradley Cooper's Inside The Actors Studio Nightmare
Not everyone is aware that James Lipton's Inside The Actors Studio is also a class that acting students attend regularly. Last night on the Late Show, Bradley Cooper revealed the time he embarrassed himself in front of Robert De Niro.

Jimmy Kimmel Pitches Idea for The Littlest Bachelorette
After last night's emotional trainwreck of a Bachelor finale, Jimmy Kimmel was left wondering about Emily's poor daughter, sucked into this big mess. Thankfully, ABC has a new show—The Littlest Bachelorette—in which little Ricki gets to choose a brand new family.

First Look: Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza
Is there a lack of improvisation in your life? Do you miss the days of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Seeing Drew Carey in your primetime lineup? If you said yes to any of these, this is your lucky day.

Matthew McConaughey Talks Parenting and Letting His Daughter Eat Dirt
On today's Access Hollywood Live, Matthew McConaughey spoke about being a parent for some time. He mentioned that his daughter loves to eat dirt—and immediately freaked out that those very words would be the sound-byte of the whole interview.

Sara Underwood Is "Bustice," the One-Woman Dynamic Duo
With a Playmate of the Year on staff, it was only a matter of time before the G4TV fanboys developed a cleavage-powered super-heroine. Honestly, we expected to cringe our way through this misadventure, but it's actually kind of cute.