How do the GOP's hot studs in the House get psyched for their days of killer budget cuts and rape redefining? We'd always assumed cocaine! And maybe that's still true. But mostly it's this set of XTREME infomercial workout DVDs that they love.

On "most days" a group of House Republicans visit the House gym, gather around the teevee and watch Tony Horton's P90X DVDs, "the most extreme home fitness program." You've probably seen the commercials before, but the clip up top tells the whole story. P90X? "It's about bringin' it," Horton explains.

Horton has become a "household word in the House of Representatives," as the Wall Street Journal writes. P90X's chief devotees are Reps. Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan, two of the official House Republican "Young Guns" — a select group of men in their 40s who occasionally appear on the news to dump talking points. These congressmen have even brought Horton himself to the House several times for personal P90X XTREME workout sessions.

Another regular attendee is Illinois GOP Rep. Aaron Schock, the fellow who dresses like a homosexual and maybe is an actual homosexual, too. He thought these videos would be like the 10,000,000 Jane Fonda DVDs he definitely owns:

"I thought it looked like some kind of Jane Fonda video," says Rep. Aaron Schock (R., Ill.), 29, a former recreational weightlifter, but "it kicked my butt."