The art house's favorite princess is establishing herself on premium cable, just like a regular actress. Also today: some women you may like have landed pilot roles, Mark Wahlberg might take a second round in the boxing ring, and an American Idol theory.

  • Indie art queen Chloe Sevigny has dabbled in mainstream movies before, but they were mostly about murderers (American Psycho, Zodiac). So it wasn't really until her profile-raising, award-winning stint on Big Love came along that really existed in anything but outre cinema. (Well, there was that Oscar nomination, but whatever.) Not so anymore! The actress is now working with HBO and Playtone, the production company founded by America's dad, Tom Hanks, to develop a new miniseries. Well how about that! Little Chloe is all grown up and doing stuff with the normals. Hm? What's that? The miniseries is about Lizzie Borden, famous Fall River axe murderer? Oh. Aha. OK. So maybe she's not Amy Adams yet, but she'll get there! One murder at a time. And hey, a Lizzie Borden miniseries starring Chloe Sevigny sounds pretty fucking great. And yes, I realize I should have said accused Fall River axe murderer, but c'mon. She said the bloody rags in the basement were there because of embarrassing lady business. C'mon. [Deadline]
  • Speaking of everyone's favorite huggable actor Tom Hanks, he's been cast in the biopic about Captain Richard Phillips. It's about Phillips sailing the seas, looking for Hanks' former costar Wilson the volleyball so he can interview him. It's called Wilson/Phillips. OOOF. Had to reach for that one folks. Wooof. That took the wind outta me. Wow. Nice hustle. Yipers. Anyway, the movie is of course actually about the Somali pirate hijacking that Capt. Phillips and his crew endured almost two years ago. So it's a rousing story of courage and command and whatnot. Which is good. Hanks is good at that. [THR]
  • Mark Wahlberg says he is considering doing a sequel to The Fighter. He'd want to show more of Mickey Ward fighting, specifically with Arturo Gatti. Also Mickey will be doing the Electric Boogaloo in The Sreets while trying to verify the Legend of Curly's Gold. Maybe Mickey beats Arturo and cuts off his head and there's a Quickening. Or maybe it'll just be called Mickey Goes West. That's a very American "tail" right there. Whatever it's called, I think it's clear why this is happening: Mark Wahlberg wants that Oscar nomination dammit. [EW]
  • All right, pilot season is almost done, but it ain't done yet. So let's talk about casting. Six Feet Under star Francis Conroy has joined the cast of Bad Mom, the ABC comedy pilot starring Jenna Elfman. Yikes. I'd rather work at a funeral home. [Deadline] That tiny bit of sunshine that God picked off the sun and put here on Earth and gave the human name "Kristin Chenoweth" has been added to the cast of that Good Christian Bitches show that Christian people are upset about. Chenoweth will play the leader of the GCBs, who the main character (Leslie Bibb) was mean to in high school. So the tables turn and whatnot. This is basically Hope Floats, with the whole returning home to the South after an embarrassing breakup, only with more blonde people. [THR] Completing our ABC lady casting news triptych is Cybil Shepherd, who booked a role on the genteelly named My Freakin' Family. And the role? "Shepherd will play Raj's uptight and sophisticated mom, Nell. She dresses in the traditional Indian garb and wants to be involved in baby Clark's life so he doesn't turn out 'white' like her son did." Hm. OK. Perfectly normal role for Cybil Shepherd to have. It's like it was written for her. [Deadline]
  • Here's an interesting Idol theory that was floated by some producers at a Paleyfest event. Now that the singtestants are on Twitter, won't their number of followers kind of spoil who's the most popular? As in, last week's eliminee Ashthon Jones had the lowest number of followers and, so duh, was voted off. HMMM. Mike Darnell says he doesn't read Twitter so he doesn't know what that means, which is dodging the question pretty shamelessly. The Twitterer with the highest amount of followers is manimal himself, Casey Abrams. Followed by everyone's favorite country crooner, Alfred E. Neuman Scotty McCreery. If that's the finals right there I will laugh forever. [The Wrap]
  • Mad Boobs Men actress Boobs McKinley Christina Hendricks has decided to subject herself to a little misogyny masquerading as art. In that she's joined the cast of a Neil LaBute movie. But actually this one is just little vignettes about people on an airplane and is being directed by Mike Figgis, so maybe it's not one of his "issues" scripts. Kristen Scott Thomas, Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser, and Julia Stiles are also in the movie. What, no Dane Cook? [Deadline]

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