Today at Gawker.TV, Tyra Banks ponders wearing suspenders with breasts, Jane Lynch de-bunks the Oscar-party-pot rumor, Daniel Radcliffe talks theater, more from the "Hottie Body Hump Club," and every painful moment from three hours of The Bachelor's finale.

Every Painful Moment From Last Night's Bachelor Finale Extravaganza
It's finally over! Brad Womack's second chance at love has come and gone-and ended in quite a complicated fashion! He proposes to Emily—who accepts—but we discover in the After the Final Rose special that things aren't exactly "peachy" now.

Jimmy Kimmel Brings Back Hollywood Hotties For His New "Miracle Diet"
Last night, Jimmy Kimmel Live aired its sequel to the "Hottie Body Hump Club" (the female response to the Handsome Men's Club that had Lindsay Lohan's kind-of comeback.) Here's part two—featuring many more "hotties" and Neil Patrick Harris!

Tyra Banks Contemplates Wearing Suspenders With Boobs
On this morning's Access Hollywood Live, Tyra responded to Kit Hoover's compliment about her outfit by sharing her struggle: "Where do you put them when you have boobs? Over the boob or on the side of the boob?"

Daniel Radcliffe Sits Down With Meredith Vieira to Talk About Theater
What was Meredith's very first question out of the gate? Which is harder: being naked in Equus or singing and dancing in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying?

Skins: Hot for Student
Last night's Skins was centered on Tina, River Mountain High School's resident sociology teacher. Unlike the other adults that surround the teenagers, Tina isn't a total L7.

The Justin Bieber Movie Had Jason Bateman "Bawling Like a Little Schoolgirl"
On Regis and Kelly, Jason Bateman outed himself as a "belieber" after having seen Never Say Never with his daughter. While Kelly similarly had an emotional experience with the film, Regis chides, "You're Jason Bateman, man, pull yourself together!"

Jane Lynch Addresses Rumors From the Oscars: That "Jane's Got Pot"
At an Oscar party Jane smelled marijuana, somehow the rumor got spread that it was hers. Jane is actually writing a book about being sober so she decided it was a good time to clear the air with Jay Leno.

Ted Danson Revisits His Cheers Days, Admits to Watching Kelsey Grammer on Real Housewives
The Today Show invited Ted Danson to talk about his passion project (saving the oceans) but ended up talking about his time on Cheers instead.

Meet Your New Bachelorette
Is it really any surprise that Ashley is the next Bachelorette? She was definitely a fan-favorite from the very first date of this season of The Bachelor, and seemed just a little too excited to be at last week's reunion.

Bill Hader On Paul, Comic Books, and "Nerd Porn"
SNL's resident alien Bill "Greg" Hader plays an ET-hunting G-man in Paul, but in reality he's comfortingly nerdy, bonding with the film's cast over comics and re-enacting all of the other iconic movies filmed in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Sexy Dad Taye Diggs Performs Diaper Changing Song on The View
Before starring as sexy Dr. Sam Bennett on Private Practice, Taye Diggs lit up the stage on Broadway. Now, he's attempting to pass on his musical gifts to his baby son, singing to him constantly, even during diaper duty!

Watch House Shoot a Hooker With a Bow & Arrow
In addition to that titillating bit of action, this clip will also catch you up on recent events in the House/Cuddy relationship, as Wilson scolds House for checking into an expensive hotel for an extended binge of winning debauchery.