America has a slight problem with unemployment. But what are we to do? Taking a job that sucks will only make us less happy. The jobs that exist, we're not qualified for. Are we all consigned to unpaid intern hell?

Yes, probably, forever. The official unemployment rate is still more than 9%. The good news, according to the WSJ: "New York state is poised to generate one million new middle-skills jobs." The bad news: what we actually need are low-skills jobs, because low-skills people tend to be more unemployed. Alternately, we could improve our education system so that people had more skills.

But that's crazy. The only real solution: let people everyone become overqualified for every job, and then put those skills to use while working as a slave unpaid intern. Everyone's doing it!

Marissa Milan, 26, said she worked 360 hours as an unpaid medical assistant in an office in Santa Ana. When her hours were up, she was told she wouldn't be getting a paid job. She is now taking a job in customer service at a different company, although she just completed training to become a medical assistant.

"There are a lot of unpaid opportunities," she said. "But nothing in the field getting a paying job."

Kids! Everything can't be handed to you on a silver platter. As long as you get personal fulfillment. That's the important thing.

[Photo: AFL-CIO]