This is a map of Japanese nuclear power plants that was featured on Monday's episode of Fox News' Your World With Neil Cavuto This is The International Atomic Energy Agency's list of Japanese nuclear plants. You might notice that "Shibuyaeggman" appears on the Fox News map, but not on the IAEA list. Probably because it is actually a nightclub. Media Matters' Simon Maloy explains:

A quick Googling of "shibuyaeggman" turned up no meaningful results. A Nexis search was also fruitless. However, further inquiries revealed that Eggman is the name of a dance club in a trendy neighborhood of Tokyo called... Shibuya. And, it just so happens, the Fox graphic appears to place the alleged reactor in Tokyo. Here's a photo of Eggman—as you can see, it's right below The @ Super Suits Store. And Johnny Hi-Fi played there in 2006.

We would, in the future, recommend not watching Your World with Neil Cavuto for information about nuclear plants or nightclubs.

[Media Matters]