We always knew those super cheap Bolt Bus tickets came with a hidden price. Your driver might be drunk! A bolt bus driver was arrested for an alleged DUI yesterday while driving from New York to Baltimore after a passenger noticed him drinking from a flask and called 911.

And aboard the bus was a blast from Gawker's distant past: Internet stunt writer and former Gawker agoniste Tao Lin, who live-tweeted the ordeal

From NBC New York:

The driver was taken off the bus to perform sobriety tests and was arrested after appearing to be under the influence, cops said.

Alarmed passengers witnessed the whole ordeal and turned to Twitter and social media to share their ordeal.

"The driver of the BoltBus I'm on from NYC to Baltimore has been arrested for drunk driving ~2 hours after we left NYC," tweeted Tao Lin a passenger on the bus who was going from Brooklyn to Baltimore to visit his wife.

Passengers were forced to wait on the side of the turnpike for hours.
Despite the reportedly dangerous situation, the passengers seemed to keep a sense of humor:

"Someone said a 'happy hour' joke & everyone laughed," tweeted Lin.

And after the arrest, Lin tweeted: "person who called 911 has a 'book culture' tote-bag & said 'i saved your life' angrily while trying to get 1 of 8 seats on 1st 'rescue'-bus." Between that guy and Lin, we estimate three novellas will result from this harrowing experience.

Damn, Tao. After all we've done for you? The least you could have done is given us the exclusive on the Bolt Bus story.