Last night, sometimes actor and constant college student James Franco tweeted a link to his 364,000 followers with no explanation. On the other end of the link is a picture of Franco's crotch with something pink and wiggly hanging out the fly. Is that his...?

Well, it's got to be either his finger or what he showed off in his tights during the Black Swan sketch at the Oscars. Yes, his penis. Here's the thing. It could easily be his finger poking through his fly, considering his hand is down his pants, or it's his cock. Or it could be something else entirely and we're all being taken for a ride. But it can't be wang, can it? After all, a big Hollywood movie star would send a picture of his privates to the masses. Would he?

But this is James Franco, so you're never quite sure what crazy idea is running through his head. It's probably just his finger and he's going to come out and say it's some sort of art project that we're all participating in. He's working on an essay right now called, "A Social Experiment in Performance Art of What People Will Do If I Put a Dildo in My Pants and Tweet a Picture of It: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dong." He's probably going to use snippets from all the tweets other people wrote about it and print them out and make a papier-mâché model of the internet or some shit. Or he's just a perv.

[Top image via Getty]