One of the men who says fashionable pirate John Galliano hurled anti-Semitic slurs at him at a French restaurant last month has spoken out in an interview with Le Parisien. He doesn't think Galliano's actually a racist.

From the Huffington Post:

Do you confirm that he made anti-Semitic remarks?

Yes. But, today, I am convinced that he didn't believe what he was saying. I don't think he is racist or anti-Semitic. Since the incident, I've learned about his work. I've seen that he put different cultures into his designs. I think that, more importantly, he is very sick and that, above all, he was provoked.

Perhaps Galliano isn't anti-Semitic. Being a trendsetter, maybe he just saw anti-Semitism was having a moment and hopped on. But which is worse, really?

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