Why is everyone so damn worked up bike lanes, those green strips of pavement that have been popping up all over New York (and causing disputes) in the past few years? A New Yorker scribe is virulently opposed to them, and now everyone seems opposed to him.

Financial columnist John Cassidy finds bike lanes annoying because he thinks that they entertain a "faddish minority" rather than the general populace. He admittedly drives a car around Manhattan, so everything should cater to the whims of him and the other Manhattanites rich enough to afford such a luxury. Talk about a "faddish minority!"

Reuters blogger Felix Salmon, among others, thinks Cassidy is full of shit and unleashes his own tirade against Cassidy's tirade.

What do you think of bike lanes? Pro or con? Why is everyone so hot and bothered on the subject and devoting so many (virtual) column inches to such a pedestrian (ha!) topic? Are people getting too worked up over this? Also, I'm thinking of getting a bike. Is this cute enough for me? And should I ride it in the bike lane or be crazy and just ride it in the street with Cassidy's gas guzzler? Let us know in the comments.

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