Since likely presidential candidate Willard "Mitt" Romney is going to be the next Barack Obama, he needs to dress in a way that shows his unbreakable bond with America's youth culture. He's realizing that the blue blazer and slacks look might incorrectly pigeonhole him as a "square." But what to wear?

According to a Los Angeles Times profile that ran over the weekend and has since refused to leave the news, Mitt's old woman, Ann, goes to the Gap to purchase him pairs of youthful dungarees:

Defying his reputation as a 1950s square, the new, more casual Mitt Romney is popping up around the country as he readies a second run for president. He's going tieless on network TV, strolling NASCAR pits in Daytona and sporting skinny Gap jeans bought for him by his wife.

And you kids thought Jay Leno was cool! Look for Romney at the next Barry Manilow "secret show" in Brooklyn.

[via National Journal]