Two years ago, Florida firefighter and paramedic Cindy Economou served six months of probation for second-degree petty theft for stealing a disembodied foot from the scene of a car crash with the ulterior motive of using it to train her cadaver-sniffing dog. Economou's excuse: "It was an unrecognizable mass of flesh. It wasn't a clean cut. You couldn't even recognize it as a foot… If I had thought it was somehow reattachable and usable, I would have gone to my commander." Well, in that case—hmm, no, still horrifying.

Calling Economou's actions "utterly intolerable in civilized society," foot theft victim Karl Lambert is now suing for unspecified damages. This raises an awkward question: How much is Lambert's foot (and ensuing foot-related damages) worth? Economou's crime was originally considered a "petty theft" because the foot was valued at less than $100. [Daily Mail, WPBF, image via WPBF]