Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly has a question: "A man beats a 100 pound woman into a coma over a parking space. He claims she deserves it. Could he be right? In Kelly's Court!" Never have so many wrongs been contained in the space of a single tweet. Let us count them:

  • 1. Blaming the victim wrong.
  • 2. Unfortunate timing given that today is International Women's Day wrong.
  • 3. Last sentence reads like an affirmative answer to question that precedes it, thereby creating an undesirable message, wrong. Could he be right? Sure! I mean, in Kelly's Court, at least.
  • 4. Factually wrong: Oscar Fuller never said Lana Rosas "deserved" to be beaten into a coma. His excuse is that "she hit first" and he hit her back "out of reflex."

Two wrongs don't make a right, but could four wrongs make a good segment for Fox News? Find out tonight, in Kelly's Court! [@MegynKelly]