The ambitious agenda state Republican parties are pursuing to dismantle the infrastructure of the Democratic party isn't just focusing on crushing unions under the guise of "budget balancing." There's a far more dangerous and seditious form of Democrat out there that needs its lollipop stolen, too: The college kids who think they're mature enough to vote responsibly, but clearly don't, since they vote Democratic.

This story is gaining some attention today as the video above makes its way around. It shows New Hampshire state House speaker William O'Brien addressing a local gathering of the 9/12 movement. Yes, this is one of the state's top elected officials telling the devoted followers of a Glenn Beck marketing ploy that college kids don't take their votes seriously:

"They go into these general elections, they'll have 900 same day registrations, which are the kids coming out of the schools and basically doing what I did when I was a kid, which is [vote liberal]," he said. "They don't have life experience and they don't have life experience and they just vote their feelings and they're taking away the town's ability to govern themselves, it's not fair."

These whiny knuckle-dragging babies don't vote based on facts, like how Barack Obama devised a healthcare plan as an excuse to kill grandma, or that Muslims are only inches away from instituting Sharia law in states like Oklahoma. And they're fraudsters to boot! From the Washington Post:

One bill would permit students to vote in their college towns only if they or their parents had previously established permanent residency there - requiring all others to vote in the states or other New Hampshire towns they come from. Another bill would end Election Day registration, which O'Brien said unleashes swarms of students on polling places, creating opportunities for fraud.

Emergency "stop the dumb college kids" laws like these are popping up in states like North Carolina and, of course, Wisconsin too. Along with New Hampshire, these are states that went blue in 2008 and turned sharply back to the red in 2010. Barack Obama would probably need to hold at least two of these three to win reelection. For Republicans, it's best to just murder the college kids off entirely. Which is a tempting idea, politics aside.