Today a mega music and film star's husband is joining a show that stars a mega music and film star's wife. That's just how Hollywood works. Also today: pilot casting news, a sad story about Sean Young, and a new Edgar Allan Poe emerges.

  • Marc Anthony, traitor of Rome Jennifer Lopez's Incan mummy husband, has signed on to be a regular on TNT's HawthoRNe, the show Jada Pinkett-Smith got as a 12th wedding anniversary present. So it's just one celebrity spouse helping another celebrity spouse, there on the small screen. Don't worry, I'm sure Anthony isn't done with singing, just as J.Lo isn't done being a movie star just because she's a judge on a tenth-season singing competition. They're just taking a little TV break. That's all. A vacation! Mmhm. Absolutely. [THR]
  • A sad thing: Mike DeStefano, the tough-and-gruff comedian who featured on last season's Last Comic Standing, has died from a heart attack at 44. DeStefano's battle with drugs and road to sobriety often featured in his comedy, though there's no indication that any of his past drug use had anything to do with his death. [EW]
  • Aha! ABC promised they would find someone cuuuuuute to play in their new Edgar Allan Poe-solves-mysteries series and they delivered. Well, they said they'd find someone "physically nontraditional," which translates to "cuuuuuute" in this case as the traditional Mr. Poe was urgly. Downright urgly. Anyway, they've cast Christopher Egan, who played on the brilliant (in a way)-but-canceled series Kings. He's blonde and handsome and not that talented of an actor, so he should be good in a little mystery series that will probably not last very long. [EW]
  • All right, speaking of pilots, here's more casting. Let's go. Anjelica Huston has joined the cast of NBC's Smash, the musical theater show that stars Debra Messing. Huston will play a tough theater producer. Could she be the Alec Baldwin-type figure here, y'know the respected movie actor livening up a TV show with a surprisingly funny performance? Could be! [Deadline] Speaking of respected actors taking roles on network comedies, Marcia Gay Harden (who seems incapable of saying no to anything?) has been cast in the ABC multi-camera pilot (meaning, studio laugh track...) Smothered, starring Grover from House Arrest. Oh, Marcia. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Also, Andrew J. Cook, the cutie who played Ashley's boyfriend on Greek, has signed on to star in an NBC sitcom pilot. [Deadline] Brandon T. Jackson, who was in Tropic Thunder but more importantly played a satyr in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, has been cast in Hail Mary, the Minnie Driver show about the single mom who teams up with her dead son's friend (Jackson) to solve her son's murder. So it could be called Veronica Weeds. [Deadline]
  • Sad. Sean Young, the late-'80s star who fizzled out after she didn't get Catwoman in Batman Returns, has a new role. On Celebrity Rehab. Frown. Sigh. Remember how good she was in No Way Out? And, y'know, Blade Runner? I mean, she was never a great actress, but she was really interesting. And now she's going to be on Celebrity Rehab with Michael Lohan, Bai Ling, Michaele Salahi, Jeremy Jackson, and Amy Fisher. Yes. Michaele Salahi. Whose addiction is "fame." And Bai Ling. Whose addiction is "Bai Ling." The world is not always kind, is it ladies and germs? [EW]

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