Comedian and reality TV star Kathy Griffin is in New York gearing up for Kathy Wants a Tony, her Broadway debut. She's agreed to spend some time in our indentured servitude tomorrow afternoon. So, how should we haze poor Ms. Griffin?

For years, Kathy Griffin has been talking delightful trash about celebrities and riffing on pop culture to hilarious effect, making her a perfect fit for Gawker. But just what should we have her do while she's in the office? Should she perform traditional menial intern chores like make coffee and open mail? Should she go get Nick Denton's dry cleaning and shine Richard Lawson's shoes? And if we force her to write something, just what sort of subjects would you like to see her tackle?

Please leave your suggestions in the comments section and if they're good enough, we'll get Kathy right on the task when she reports for duty tomorrow. And be sure to check out the site tomorrow for her byline and a video of what her day at Gawker HQ was like.

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