Big time beef in the NWU, which stands for Northwestern University, act like you know! Could it be that some bold young upstart is challenging the one and only CHET HAZE for hip hop supremacy? Yes, outlandishly!

Yea, this kid named P-Holla (one of these guys, and a fellow Northwestern student, according to BroBible) has made a diss track targeting CHET HAZE, heretofore the hottest Northwestern U rapper sired by Tom Hanks, in history. But P-Holla takes exception to this perception! "Bitch I'm the shit/ And you're just a turd," he asserts, along with other lines of a similar quality.

Both these guys are pretty wack but you can never go wrong attacking a more famous rapper, from a PR point of view. (Unless you get punched in the face. But come on guys, let's all get along. Except for more diss tracks, which are okay.)

[via BroBible]