Patriotic American beef is under attack! I mean, not the cows. The cows are actually happy about it. Per capita beef consumption in the U.S. has fallen by a third in the past 35 years. So the National Cattlemen's Beef Association is training ranchers and other assorted beef-friendly carnivores to fight back using the tools of public relations.

And look at the great things that this rancher beef advocate accomplished! Troy Hadrick went through the training program and made the viral Youtube video above, which did great things for the world. The WSJ reports:

It came about after Mr. Hadrick learned Yellow Tail wine had donated $100,000 and pledged $200,000 more to the Humane Society of the U.S., an animal-rights group that has embarrassed the cattle industry with undercover videos of slaughterhouse abuses...

Mr. Hadrick's video went viral on YouTube-at least among fellow cattlemen, who bombarded Yellow Tail with protest emails. Chagrined, the winery withdrew its $200,000 pledge to the animal-rights group.

Yes, this great training and advocacy managed to cost the Humane Society $200,000. Awesome work, beef people. Let's kill and eat some animals, to celebrate!