Anderson Cooper was one of the grand masters of the Endymion parade yesterday, one of the largest in New Orleans annual Mardi Gras celebration. But he couldn't do it alone. No, he brought his "companion" along for the ride.

Cooper, Kelly Ripa (New York's A-gay fag hag numero uno), and her husband Mark Consuelos presided over the parade yesterday as grand marshals and partied at the New Orleans Convention Center the night before during the coronation ceremony. That's where this picture of The Coop and his main man, Benjamin Maisani was snapped. To up the queer factor, we hear Bravo honcho Andy Cohen was rolling with the group, too. It makes perfect sense for Ben to be there. He's the perfect Mardi Gras "companion," because he has no compunction about going shirtless in public.

[Image via New Orleans Local]