• The Venice Beach jewelry store at the center of Lindsay Lohan's necklace theft case has sold the surveillance tape that purportedly shows Lilo stealing the $2,500 necklace. This will likely screw up the trial, but Entertainment Tonight's going to play the video on Monday anyway. They've already released a few teaser stills, where Lindsay is seen trying on stuff at the jewelry store. According to the video's official website (yes, it exists) "The tapes speak for themselves." Are theft tapes the new sex tapes? [Radar]
  • Yesterday, 24-year-old porn star Bree Olson left Charlie Sheen after a fight. Today she came back. Sheen told TMZ, "She came back, my bad all good. Love her with the three parts of my heart." Not heartening. [TMZ]
  • And Charlie Sheen is planning on releasing a line of break-down-themed merchandise, including T-shirts with his slogan "WINNING" on it. According to Radar, Sheen is considering endorsing products like "organic tiger blood." I don't think that's actually tiger blood. [Radar]
  • While his ex Scarlett Johansson cuddles with Sean Penn, Ryan Reynolds has a new flame of his own. He was spotted in South Afria with German model Agnes Fischer. A German model in South Africa? Is that any way for the certified Hottest Man In America to act? He should be bestowing his charm on American women in America. Take his Hottest Man In America crown and scepter away! [Daily Mail]
  • Musicians in Peril! Katy Perry is fighting with her producer, Dr. Luke, because all of the songs he makes with her sound the same. (Duh.) And Kanye West just won a lawsuit where a rapper named Vince P claimed he came up with his hit "Stronger." And Phil Collins is quitting music because his back hurts and he can't hold drumsticks. [People, P6, P6]
  • Celebrity branding news! Ke$ha is putting her face on a line of Lifestyles Condoms, which she'll be shooting into crowds from a cannon at her shows. Oh God. Just had an image of all the drunken post-Ke$ha concert hookups that will ensue. And in England, the Royal Mint has issued the official coin of Prince WIlliam and Kate Middleton's official wedding coin, which they will shoot into the crowd at their wedding. (not really.) [TMZ, People]
  • Remember Mel Gibson? He just had to pay Oksana Grigorieva $300,000 for her attorney's fees. Mel Gibson: That was when celebrities who brokedown used to have some class. [TMZ]

[Image via WENN]