"I am like a praying mantis," says Jersey Shore's über-curvy Jenni J-Woww. "After I have sex with a guy, I will rip their heads off."

That might be the case on the spray-tanned beaches of Seaside Heights, where her reputation for manhunting is as large as her, well, you get the point. But you may be surprised that in the digital world, "Jenni J-Woww" is just as likely to lead to destruction—of one's operating system.

According to research firm Barracuda Labs' annual security report, "Jenni J-Woww" is one of the world's most dangerous search terms. Of the top searches that led directly to malware, "Jenni J-Woww" ranked second, behind only queries for "music video." Even searching for "Rex Ryan" and "credit score" was less risky than looking for "J-Woww" on the web.

Say what you will about the sliminess of either Jersey Shore or malware creators, their inadvertent collaboration here is perfectly formulated for its intended audience. Think about it. The folks furiously scouring the web for J-Woww may not be the most computer savvy. And even if they are, could they resist the temptation to install a harmless little browser add-on, knowing access to images of their scantily clad Tri-state goddess is the reward?

Republished with permission from FastCompany.com. Authored by Austin Carr. Image by Andrew Hur.