Poor Katrina Epperson. She was returning to her North Carolina home after getting a license to open a day care center in her residence when she and her boyfriend, Christopher Webb, were arrested for also running a meth lab out of the house. Talk about utilizing the space!

Fortunately Epperson had yet to enroll any kids in her little home business (the day care center, that is, not the meth lab). The funny thing is, in order to get the license, representatives from the state had to make two visits to their home. They didn't find anything methy on either occasion. Really? Did they look at these people?

Apparently what tipped off the cops is that they'd been buying a ton of pseudoephedrine, a decongestant that's also used to manufacture meth. Maybe she was just stocking up for all the runny-noses about to descend on her place?

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