Oh Banksy, that elusive sprite. The British street artist may have graduated to being nominated for Oscars and scribbling stuff in Simpsons episodes but all anyone really cares about is who he is. (Even though, we know in our hearts that he's probably some average-looking white guy—i.e. BORING.)

Now, new pictures have emerged, purporting to be Banksy in the middle of making a new piece late last month. But is it really him? Or is it just Elvis in a Banksy suit? Let's examine the evidence.

PRO: This piece, which appeared on the side of the Pacific Coast Highway in LA, has been confirmed as a legitimate Banksy.

CON: It could just be one of his legions of minions painting it. When you're that rich, you don't have to make your own art any more.

PRO: But, Banksy was just up for an Oscar for the documentary about him, Exit Through the Gift Shop. So it would make sense that he was in LA.

CON: But why would Banksy just hang out in the middle of the day like this in the most paparazzi-saturated of all U.S. states?

PRO: But the guy in the picture does sort of look like another purported picture of Banksy. (Normal dude!)

CON: The guy isn't even painting anything in the pictures. Maybe it's just some random California water tank-climbing enthusiast?

But, yeah, it's probably Banksy. [via Buzzfeed, Images via Splash]