Despite having a diet that consists solely of french fries with gravy, weird bacon-ham, and moose brains, Canadians are still significantly less obese ("less obese" is where we're at these days, "skinnier" went out the window long ago) than their neighbors to the south. Namely, us. Yes, a study released today shows that 34% of Americans are obese versus 24% of Canadians. What gives?

Well, science doesn't really know! A weird thing is that looking at childhood obesity rates, there's really no difference between America and Dorky America. So it's happening somewhere on the way to adulthood. So we blame... what? Healthcare? Nutrition education? Are there mysterious slimming waters being extracted from Baffin Bay? More likely it's a combination of those things, all tied up in that particular American ethos that cheers on the mindless pursuit of More. Essentially: I wouldn't automatically order the double at In-N-Out if I were Canadian. But then again, I couldn't go to an In-N-Out in Canada, because they don't have them there. So who's really winning?

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