Neil Strauss, America's favorite awful porn-star ghostwriter and creepy vagina wrangler, has taken up the fight against American's criminals. His book The Game is, according to a press release his publicist sent us yesterday, "required reading for FBI agents," and he was recently asked to train a group of agents on his patented techniques for mesmerizing women/defeating villains.

The release bears quoting at length:

Best-Selling NY Times author Neil Strauss received a call from the FBI where the agent told Neil that his massively popular book The Game was required reading for his agents. The agent then asked Neil to train a group of FBI agents the same principles that he teaches in The Game. Neil was told that his principles from the book have directly led to the confessions and convictions of criminals. The Game, for which Neil went undercover in a secret society of pickup artists for two years, made him an international celebrity and an accidental hero to young men around the world.

When Neil flew to train the FBI agents, he found out that nearly every principle and technique in The Game applied directly to what the FBI did. The theories and techniques of opening, demonstrating value, social psychology, group theory, eliciting values, and creating comfort and trust, among many others, were critical to their job.

The only difference between The Game and what these FBI agents do was "The Close." Where readers of The Game eventual goal is to have a women agree to sex or a romantic relationship, the agents goal is to get a suspect to confess or convince someone to become an informant or spy.

So you can sleep soundly at night, citizens of America, knowing that Style—that's Strauss' sex guru name, bestowed upon him be chief sex guru Mystery—has offered a little of his magic to the FBI. When we asked Strauss' publicist for more details, like where and when this training session happened, he responded that it was all VERY HUSH-HUSH and OFF THE RECORD: "Neil was specifically told that the field office was confidential. I can let you know off the record if you promise not to publish it anywhere. But again, this office cannot be mentioned anywhere in the article per his confidentiality agreement. [T]he meeting took place in a [REDACTED] with [REDACTED]."

We put in calls to the Bureau to ask: 1) Is this true? 2) Why is it true? 3) Was Strauss paid to give his lecture? 4) Really? With taxpayer dollars? And 5) How does submitting to training from self-professed sex gurus aid the FBI in the performance of its statutory duties and really Jesus Christ Osama bin Laden is still at large and you're signing up for lectures from Style?

We haven't heard back yet.

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