Northwestern University simply cannot stop being awesome. From getting drunk and hollering about blowjobs to throwing blackface Halloween parties to producing a little rapper by the name of Chet Haze, Northwestern University never does anything less than the most awesome thing to do in any given situation. That's why regular schools have "Human Sexuality" classes, but Northwestern University has HOT LIVE FUCKSAW demonstrations:

The optional presentation last Monday, attended by about 120 students, featured a naked non-student woman being repeatedly sexually stimulated to the point of orgasm by the sex toy, referred to as a "fucksaw." The device is essentially a motorized phallus.

John Michael Bailey, the psychology professor who leads the class in question, declined to comment to the Daily Northwestern "due to class preparations that he said last until Friday." He then hastily grabbed his fucksaw, retreated to his lair, and locked the door.

[Daily Northwestern. Photo via Amazon]