Yesterday, a tipster sent us this photo that a friend had taken at a Manhattan Baby Gap store near Union Square. If we didn't know better, we'd say that Baby Gap is now in the lynching business.

We've emailed Gap for some clarification, and we'll update with their reply. The photo raised much outrage among Facebook commenters when it was posted yesterday—several of whom said that they also contacted Gap, with no success. Though one commenter late in the day wrote that "I just spoke to a Danar (sp?) at the store and he said it was a photo of an unfinished display, and that the final display shows two babies on a swing."

UPDATE: See photo of (apparently) the finished display in the comments. Harmonious!

UPDATE 2: Gap spokesperson Renate Geerlings sends along this photo of the final display and writes, "This photograph was taken when the store was finishing a visual display for a swing."