Women: always sneaking up behind men, trying to take our money. The latest confirmation comes from a new White House report on the "state of women," which confirms what you'd always suspected: women are catching up. Oh, they're still lagging—women make about 75% as much as men these days, for the same jobs—but they're creeping up from behind elsewhere. They're getting more college degrees! Getting married later in life (30, for college-educated women)! And the wise refusal to be dragged down by a family:

This shift is a big reason why the share of women who are married has declined over time, to 62% in 2009 from 72% in 1970, while the portion of women who haven't had children has climbed. In 2008, about 46% of women between 25 and 29 years old hadn't had a child, compared with 31% in 1976.

Cheer up, white males: you still have your inherent structural advantages in the world of academia. Who needs a woman? You've got a Ph.D.! (And a built-in advantage in earning power!)

[WSJ. Photo: Shutterstock]