Justin Rocket Silverman, who's posed shirtless and publicly fingerbanged his girlfriend for the sake of journalism, has now done a new sex-related thing, for journalism: "naked therapy," a made-up thing consisting of an attractive young woman removing her clothes as you pretend to talk about some personal issues, or whatever. Breasts.

One-hour sessions cost $150, and at first are conducted over webcam. Once a level of trust has been established, patients can book in-person sessions, though the price increases fivefold.

So based on the fact that Justin's story in The Daily features video of an "in-person session" (or should we say sexxxsion??), we assume that News Corp has paid $750 to a young lady to strip, on camera, for the sake of a story that clocks in at 351 words.

The future of journalism is naked. And expensive!

[Photo of naked therapist Sarah White via Facebook]