The Oregon Congressman who sent bizarre emails and pictures to his staff, David Wu, spoke with the AP about his rather odd behavior and it seems we have a culprit: The guy is a total pill head.

Wu said that the stress of his 2010 reelection campaign, along with a failed marriage and having to raise two kids, are the reasons behind his meltdowns. That certainly explains a lot, but would that make him take pictures in a fuzzy tiger suit? We have no clue. But perhaps his personal problems along with the crazy mix of meds he was on did him in. Wu's spokesman said the Congressman had been taking both Ambien and Valium at one point. Damn, man! Even a seasoned pill popper would have trouble holding it together when mixing those two. Wu told the AP about a bad reaction he had on Election Day 2008: "It came up that afternoon, and it knocked me off my can." Well, no shit. And that's not all — he also took mysterious painkillers from a (quite generous) donor last year:

He said he continued to feel unwell until summer 2009, when doctors linked his symptoms to his medications. Despite his allergy, Wu acknowledged taking two tablets of an unknown painkiller from a campaign donor in 2010.

Nice call, Mr. Congressman.