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After James Franco's squinty, smirky I-can't-believe-I'm-saying-these-words Oscars hosting stint, you may have some questions. Such as: Was he stoned? And: How stoned was he? Luckily, we have prepared a brief FAQ to help guide you through this confusing moment.

Was James Franco stoned when he hosted the Oscars?

How do you know?
Come on, did you see him?

So you don't have any proof?

He says he hasn't smoked pot since high school.
Neither have we! We don't even know what it smells like. [Exaggerated wink.]

But why would he get high before hosting a nationally-televised, four-hour awards ceremony?
Probably for some kind of, like, art project? Or, he thought it would be funny! Those two things seem to be the main motivations in James Franco's life.

Maybe he's just like that all the time.
Stoned? Yeah, probably.

Was Anne Hathaway stoned, too?

So what was her deal?
She suffers from "theater kid."

What euphemisms for "stoned" are critics using to describe Franco's demeanor?
"Heavy-lidded and smirky" (The Washington Post); "A tad bewildered" (Moviefone); "Mellow" (Entertainment Weekly); "Distant [and] uninterested" (The Hollywood Reporter); "Distracted" (Los Angeles Times); "Bored" (BBC); "[In] a haze" (Time); "Preparing for a remake of Dazed and Confused" (USA Today).

Will the fact that James Franco was "mellow" while hosting the Oscars attract the coveted younger audience he and co-host Anne Hathaway were supposed to bring in?
No. The only thing that would attract a younger audience is if all the awards were given to Twilight, Justin Bieber, or sexting.

In your opinion, how baked was James Franco while hosting the Oscars?

What does stoned James Franco look like standing next to Oprah backstage at the Oscars?