Well, guys, that's a wrap! For better or for worse, the James Franco and Anne Hathaway-hosted 83rd Annual Academy Awards are officially history. Now, let's take a look back at some of the night's most noteworthy moments, shall we?

Here are our picks for the show's most memorable moments, presented in the order in which they appeared during the broadcast. Enjoy!

1) The Opening Number

The night kicked off with a parody montage featuring—who else?—the night's two hosts. Click on the headline below—or just click here—to be taken to our post on it (which includes the video).

Watch James Franco and Anne Hathaway's Oscars Opening Montage
The 83rd Annual Academy Awards are officially underway! This year's broadcast is being hosted by James Franco and Anne Hathaway, who just began the evening with the requisite "Let's look back at the year in film!" parody montage. Hit/miss?

2) Awkward Monologue, Party of Two!

After the cold open, Franco and Hathaway appeared on stage at the Kodak Theater for their monologue. It was pretty awkward, no? Again, click on the headline below—or click here—to be taken to our post on it (and to see the video).

James Franco and Anne Hathaway Begin the Oscars with an Awkward Monologue
Following their opening montage that parodied many of the year's most notable films, Academy Awards hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway appeared on stage at the Kodak theater for an awkward, disjointed monologue. Oh, and Franco was totally stoned.

3) Kirk Douglas Steals the Show

When Kirk Douglas came out to present the award for Supporting Actress, who knew that he'd end up providing us with possibly the night's funniest moment? To visit our post on it/to watch the video, click on the headline below (or click here).

Kirk Douglas Just Saved the Oscars
Tonight's Academy Awards have been hit-or-miss so far—an opening montage with its moments and the awkward monologue that followed, for example—but this? This was just inexplicably fantastic. Here's a few minutes of Kirk Douglas... being Kirk Douglas.

4) Melissa Leo Is Really F*cking Excited to Win

[There was a video here]

After Melissa Leo won the Oscar for Supporting Actress for her performance in The Fighter, she got so excited that she dropped an f-bomb!

5) Anne Hathaway Hates Hugh Jackman (On Her Own)

[There was a video here]

Hathaway took a break from flanking Franco to reprise her role as the Oscars' official random Singer-in-Chief. Missing, though, was her duet partner of two years ago, Hugh Jackass—er, Jackman. Oh, also: Franco then appeared in drag.

6) The Laziest Acceptance Speech of the Night

[There was a video here]

Colleen Atwood won the Academy Award for Costume Design for her work in Alice in Wonderland. Then, she stuffed her Oscar under her armpit and cradled it like a negligent mother. Then, she read her acceptance speech.

7) And Now, Some Auto-Tune

Well, this was certainly random! Check out our post and see the video by clicking on the headline below (or, again, by clicking here).

What in Auto-Tuned Hell Just Happened at the Oscars?
In case you forgot, the 2011 Academy Awards are on right now! James Franco and Anne Hathaway are hosting (and being awkward). And for some reason, we were just treated (subjected?) to this random Auto-Tune the News-like montage.

8) These Guys Should Totally Host the Show Next Year

[There was a video here]

Who knew that Jude Law and Robert Downey, Jr. would give us more laughs during a short presentation of an award than we got from, say, Franco the entire evening? What chemistry they have, too!

9) Oh, Gwyneth...

There's not much else to say about this horrible little doozy. To watch the video via our original post, click on the headline below (or click here).

Watch Gwyneth Paltrow's Embarrassing Oscars Performance
Gwyneth Paltrow just sang at the Oscars. How'd it go? Methinks our own Richard Lawson put it best when he tweeted, "At this point it must be concluded that Gwyneth Paltrow has no grasp of the concept of embarrassment."

James Franco Is as Over It as We Are

[There was a video here]

Here's how Franco—who, at this point, might was well have had "no1curr" tattooed across his forehead, given how high and/or uninterested he seemed throughout the entire broadcast—and Hathaway sighed (typo but I'm leaving it) off.

And on that note... see you next year!

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