Newt Gingrich tweeted something marvelous the other day, in response to a typical, prodding liberal questioning his belief in dinosaurs: "not only do I believe in dinosaurs I had a t rex skull in speakers office to remind us they used to think they were important too." Bullshit. You had the skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in your House Speaker's office, to teach life lessons? That belonged in a museum! No but really, it was the Smithsonian's property.

All he ever had was the cast of a dinosaur skull, though, not the real thing. This is from a 1997 New York Times article about Gingrich going on a dinosaur bone dig. It's one of the funniest articles we've ever read, but here's the pertinent part:

The night before, he abandoned the polemics of Capitol Hill to debate the feeding habits of Tyrannosaurus rex with Dr. Horner, a professor of paleontology at Montana State University in Bozeman. The Speaker, an ardent fan of T. rex, keeps a massive head of the beast on a shelf in his Capitol Hill offices, a cast on loan from the Smithsonian that is made from the very dinosaur that is the centerpiece exhibit at the Museum of the Rockies.

So he also used his privileges as Speaker to summon this decorative dinosaur skull cast to his office, and he masturbated to it every night, the end.

[via Wonkette, Slog; image via AP]