Georgia Rep. Paul Broun is in trouble after it was revealed that the first question at a town hall event he hosted this week was, 'Who's going to shoot Obama?' The crowd laughed at this hilarious joke and so, reportedly, did Rep. Broun. A great scoop—and one broken by a random newspaper commenter.

In the comments section of the boring Athens Banner-Herald write-up of the meeting, commenter Mark Farmer (whose avatar is, suitably, the Justice League) dropped this bombshell:

I was there last evening. The honor of the first question asked was given to a man who had traveled 75 miles to attend.

"Who's gonna shoot Obama?" he asked.

Nearly everyone in the room, including U.S. Congressman Broun laughed.
Since when is a threat against the life of the President, even one made to score political points, a laughing matter?

This sparked further reporting by the Banner-Herald and a confirmation from Broun's camp about the account and a (very) belated condemnation of the incident by Broun.

Commenters are usually treated like the whipping boys of the Internet, but here is a true hero among nitpickers. We salute you, Mark Farmer. Are comments eligible for Pulitzers?