The White House doesn't appoint nearly enough openly gay people for administration positions, it's been said, by someone, at some point. But now that's all over. They have appointed an openly gay man, Jeremy Bernard, to be secretary of defense. No just kidding; America isn't "there" yet. He'll be White House social secretary.

The big question for Jeremy Bernard among "Beltway insiders," though, is whether Washington's self-appointed top socialite and elderly dingbat columnist Sally Quinn will sign off on his hire. She did, after all, help force out former social secretary Desiree Rogers last year. Quinn despised Rogers for letting those Salahi party crashers into the White House state dinner that time, as best we remember, and this was good enough to chase Rogers out of town.

Congrats on your historic appointment, Jeremy Bernard! But watch out for the Sally Monster.

[Image via AP]