The lady network has had success with the Holloway story before, so they're going again. Great. Also today: a show gets canceled, Paul Rudd is the king of Ireland, and Kim Kardashian takes a stab at legitimacy.

  • Lifetime: Television for Terrifying Women If They Weren't Already Terrified made such a, uhherrm, killing with their wildly successful Natalee Holloway TV movie a couple years ago, so they figure they'll repeat the pattern. Yes. They're doing a sequel to the Natalee Holloway movie, this one called Justice for Natalee Holloway, about Natalee's mom further investigating the disappearance of her teenage daughter. Terrific. Furthermore, they've given Beth Holloway a reality show called Vanished with Beth Holloway which will basically be like Unsolved Mysteries. I don't even know what to do with that. Y'know? That's just... Yikes, is all. Yikes. [Deadline]
  • TBS has canceled their freshman (in more ways than one!!!!!! ahahahaha) sitcom Glory Daze, about four dudes who are friends in college, after just one season. I blame the "Daze" part of the title. That's just lame. Actually, I blame the whole title. I think it's cursed. Remember the Broadway musical Glory Days? Of course you don't! It closed after 18 shows. And you know what it was about? Four dudes who are friends coming home from their FRESHMAN year at college. Mind blown yet? So that's too bad for Daze, which did, if nothing else, employ poor Tim Meadows. The good news for Days is that it's coming back! So there's half a happy ending after all. [THR]
  • Paul Rudd has been made an honorary Irishman. Yup. Ireland was like "Hey we like you, we want to give you an award, so... why don't you come over." And he did! Or he is going over. Something. The point is, apparently you can make up some bullshit award, tell Paul Rudd you're giving it to him, and he'll come over to your house and let you... do things to him. So get out your papier-mâché and your glitter, because you have an award to make. [Variety]
  • Dazed and Confused (there is a proper use of the word "daze") actor Adam Goldberg has been cast on that Richard Price cops pilot that Leelee Sobieski's also on. One hopes he'll just be playing the Hebrew Hammer, who's decided to join the police to be more effective in his community. I think it'd play. [Deadline]
  • From the actors who should be way bigger, or at least far more Respected files comes news that Stephen Root has been cast in Clint Eastwood's vacuum cleaner documentary Hoover. Ha, no, unfortunately that joke doesn't even work because they've officially made the name J. Edgar, which OK, fine. I think The Fed in the Dress or G-String Man would do better, but whatever. Anyway! Stephen Root. He's a terrific actor, wily and versatile, hilarious on NewsRadio, heartbreaking on True Blood. He's just a good, good character actor and it's nice to know he's getting more movies! [The Playlist, which got it from Variety, but there's the whole paywall thing, so.]
  • Here's a kicker of a closer. There's a rumor going around that celebrity bottom (not in like the Brent Corrigan kind of way, like just her actual bottom is a celebrity, and it thusly represents her entirety, a synecdoche or something) Kim Kardashian might play a mob wife in this Gotti movie they're making with John Travolta. Yay! Upon hearing the news, Quark the Ferengi yelled "Filthy Cardassians! Always sticking their noses places where they don't belong. Hm? What? Oh, Kardashian? Oh then who the fuck cares. Want a drink?" [Us]

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