Here's a clip from China's "Jasmine Revolution" protests on Sunday in Beijing, where a smiling U.S. Ambassador (and possible presidential candidate) Jon Hunstman walks into the middle of the crowd! He tells the cameraman that he's just there "to look around," and he then leaves. The video (with its hilarious soundtrack) was posted on the Chinese nationalist site M4 along with this breathless warning about U.S. meddling:

"China is too strong for any country in the world to think of messing around with its internal affairs. The Chinese people know what they need. They know their direction, and they know where they are heading to. What they do not need is for any nation, not even the U.S. to give them lessons on how to run their affairs. The failed "Jasmine" protests in China should be a lesson to the U.S. and its allies in the west - that if they are thinking of more attempts to destabilize China then they should think again."

This caused a firestorm on the Chinese Internet, with everyone trying to find out just who this evil "Hunstman" figure was. And so, as MSNBC reports: "It looks like Huntsman's name has gone the way of 'jasmine.' Searches for his name on Chinese microblogs are now being blocked."

So that's what's going on in China, among other things.