Encouraging news from the trend-heavy New York City dating world: single ladies have money now! Seventeen percent more money than their twentysomething male counterparts, according to a study that was immediately seized upon and churned into a New York Post trend story. You know what that means, fellas? Now it's time for you to have a "sugar mama!" Here's the scoop from one wealthy lady who gives her age as "29:"

"I get the booty call where they want to meet up and get a drink, and there's no question I'm buying the drink."

It's a new era of independence and wallet-free dating for broke-ass men, assuming they're very young and attractive! Tons of women who are "29" are waiting, credit cards in hand, to take you out for a pricey alcoholic beverage before your upcoming booty call, tousle-haired underemployed recent college graduates! Of course, there still some chicks who will try to act like they're above all this. Do not believe them!

"I will take a balding old man with a 401(k) over a 21-year-old that's unemployed any day," she says, goading her friend. "OK," [says her friend, who is "29"] with a smirk. "But have you ever slept with an unemployed 21-year-old?"

Women: will they ever stop thinking it's all about sex and money? Outrageous!

[NYP; photo via Shutterstock]