Yes, we admit, there's been quite a bit of bad news recently for those ambitious young pups entering the field of law. Well, trying to enter the field, I guess. Buck up, underpaid young strivers: at least someone is successful in your field!

A few pioneers had raised their fees to more than $1,000 an hour about five years ago, at the peak of the economic boom. But after the recession hit, many of the rest of the industry's elite were hesitant, until recently, to charge more than $990 an hour.

Until recently. But now, tons of lawyers are charging $1,000 per hour or more. This WSJ article has thousands of words in it, and all of them are about lawyers who are getting paid $1,045, or $1,100, or even $1,250 an hour.

How much do you make?

[WSJ, photo via]