Here's a red-band (meaning: NSFW) trailer for Bad Teacher, a shock-comedy about a Cameron Diaz saying "fuck" a whole fuck of a lot. She's playing a, um, bad teacher who decides she needs a boob job in order to impress Justin Timberlake's character, who she thinks is rich. If he's rich and he marries her, she can quit teaching! But, of course, there's a problem.

In order to raise the money for new boobs, she has to become a good teacher. Or something. Mostly it's dodgeball jokes and Jason Segel being the guy she's obviously going to end up with. I don't really like the kind of swears-for-swears'-sake brand of comedy, mostly because it's kind of embarrassing to watch an actor think they're being shocking. Cameron Diaz saying "tits" (tits is not a swear, I know — or is it? what's our criteria here?) is just sort of squirm inducing in a "Ohh... she's really trying there" kind of a way. What I do like is seeing Phyllis Smith from The Office smack her head on a dashboard and say "Fuck!" That is funny. Maybe the only funny thing in the trailer, other than the other Phyllis Smith parts. I know she's just doing her same old Phyllis thing, but I like the Phyllis thing! It's fun that she had basically quit acting and then got cast on this show in a weird fluke and now is the funniest thing about a movie trailer starring movie stars and a pop star! Great story.

As for Bad Teacher, well... I don't fucking know.