Would-be Delaware senator and ladybug costume enthusiast Christine O'Donnell is considering pulling a Bristol and going on Dancing with the Stars. Apparently the show's producers made a formal request, but she can't decide whether or not to do it. She posted about the quandary on her Facebook wall:

FACEBOOK EXCLUSIVE: I just got the Official "Ask" from Dancing With The Stars !! Although I am utterly flattered, my initial thought was to decline, as 2 year old nephew has more rhythm than me, and my two left feet!! However Eileen thinks i should do it. What do you think?

Monday at 2:58pm
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The facebook comments about Dancing w The Stars list great pros and cons. Thank you for your input. Still undecided. Book comes first.

Monday at 8:51pm via Twitter · @ChristineOD on Twitter
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Does her anti-masturbation, witch-fearing religion even permit dancing? Christine should do it, though. If Tea Partiers are going to foist themselves upon America, the least they can do is entertain us once in a while. [Facebook via Us, image via Getty]