Don't feel guilty about your terrible delivery food habits. When you are old and infirm, they might just save your life! One such person, an old lady pizza enthusiast who has ordered from a Memphis Domino's every day for three years, can fully attest to this fact.

Jean Wilson, an elderly woman living alone, hadn't called Domino's for her daily delivery in three days, which was highly unusual. Upon coming in to work and hearing that Wilson hadn't been heard from, a deliverywoman named Susan Guy drove over to Wilson's house and discovered that the loyal customer had fallen in her home days prior and had been unable to get up or reach a phone. Guy called an ambulance and Wilson was saved. All from eating a pepperoni pizza every day.

Really the best part of this story is that when you are 82 years old, it really doesn't matter that you order a large pizza (and two Diet Cokes!) every day. I mean, who cares? That's a victimless crime right there. That part of getting old sounds fun. The falling down and not being able to move and no one but your pizza delivery people eventually realizing you've essentially gone missing... well, that part is a little less cheery.

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