[There was a video here]

Taping in Rockefeller Center sure is dangerous, and not because of all the annoying tourists. Today while taping in the outdoor plaza, a crazy person hopped the barricade and lunged for hosts Meredith Vieira, Al Roker, and an android known as the Willie Geist 3000. Don't worry, no weathermen were injured in the making of this film.

We don't actually see the man jump towards them, but we hear his screaming and the show cuts away to Ann Curry at the news desk. Later the hosts explain that the man—later identified as a 33-year-old from Brooklyn—screamed "I'm God's gift to music," before going after the hosts. We don't think it was Kanye West, but it sure sounds like him.

During the incident Geist and Vieira took off and left Roker to fend for himself. Always sacrificing the weatherman. Poor Al, he gets no respect.