Rihanna gets sexy while texting. Matthew Morrison and Olivia Munn have been dating for five minutes, and already they are obnoxious. Bieber sends truck loads of flowers to Selena. Rosie O'Donnell is single again. Tuesday gossip talks dirty.

  • Has Rihanna been sexting Colin Farrell? Apparently the duo met on a British TV show and have been exchanging "flirty messages" ever since: "Colin was taken aback by some of the texts. He reckons he might well be in there. They're both single, so why not?" Is "might well be in there" some sort of Irish slang, or is that anonymous quote of dubious origin as gross as I suspect? On the day they met, Colin discussed Rihanna's "very nice limbs" and how he needed "to get them off my mind" before BBC anchor Graham Norton's live studio audience. RiRi responded by talking about getting her legs waxed, "leaving Colin wide-eyed with excitement." So Colin is a wax-fetishizing sadist, and Rihanna's song S&M was actually foreshadowing?[Sun, images via Getty]
  • Rosie O'Donnell broke up with Tracy Kachtick-Anders, hippie girlfriend she picked up in a web chat with her fans. Try OKCupid next time? [P6]

Matthew Morrison and Olivia Munn went on an very intimate date/extended photo op at a Rangers game in Madison Square Garden, where they laughed and smiled and angled their canoodling towards the many cameras they knew would have nobody to photograph other than them, because celebrities never go to hockey games. (Had they been at an NBA game, they would have been overshadowed.) I hate this couple already. They are the new Butiston. Munnson. Morron. [People]

  • Justin Bieber bought every single flower at a local florist so he could fill girlfriend Selena Gomez's house with flowers. It took "multiple trucks" to get the flowers there and Selena "LOVED the surprise," but all I can think about is crippling hay fever and bugs. Anyway, this basically proves that Bieber is some sort of platonic simulation of a teenage boy designed specifically to make adolescent girls weep with longing for tender butterfly kisses in a house full of roses. [TMZ]
  • Charlie Sheen has a new braless blonde girlfriend, with whom he posed for kissy paparazzi pictures. As in, they walked two inches out the door and onto the sidewalk, stood in front of the door, and started making out. When asked for the lady's name, Sheen replied, "None of your f-ing business," but if you're a celebrity and you invite the paparazzi to take your picture, that literally is their business, isn't it? Taking pictures of you and your meandering tongue is how they will send their children to college. [X17]
  • Speaking of Charlie Sheen, one of his ex-wives is taking him up on the invitation to move to his neighborhood: Brooke Mueller, the ex Charlie admitted to assaulting on Christmas, is "extremely keen" on Charlie's "very generous offer," the goal of which is to Charlie's sprawling network of children and baby mamas near. I'm thinking it'd also make a good reality show. Big Love meets the The Osbournes meets the crazy polygamists from TLC. [Radar]
  • Madonna ex and baby daddy Carlos Leon is a self-described "lenient dad" to daughter Lourdes Leon, who he says has mastered the dark teenage art of curfew negotiations. In other news, Lourdes is Team Edward. [People]
  • Britney Spears earned $500,000 from product placements in her new music video. Does PlentyOfFish.com even exist outside of music video product placements? [TMZ]