Basketball games are among the best places for spotting celebrities in the wild. Since the famous folk frequent court side seats, the view is often unobstructed; the lighting is good; cameras are welcome; and, due to the magic of assigned seating, they often end up interacting with unexpected members of their flock. Case in point: At last night's NBA All-Stars game, Justin Bieber sat next to Rihanna.

The pair chit-chatted, and at one point Rihanna turned her head and wrinkled her nose as though smelling something foul. Unless she was furrowing her brow as she plotted how to rip off "Baby"?

At the same game, the Shriver-Schwarzeneggers sat next to Lil Wayne. Christopher Schwarzenegger looks scared out of his mind.

Christopher looked equally upset when a Jolly Green Giant named Cee-Lo shook his mother's hand. Poor kid.

What I wouldn't give to have been a fly on the wall when a golf-clapping Chloe Sevigny met Pauly D at a Knicks game last month.

Cindy McCain hadn't been that close to a real, live Mexican-American since that time she mistook her maid for one of Meghan's friends. An oldie but goodie from 2009.

Sitting next to Will.i.Am, Maroon 5's Adam Levine no longer felt like a sell-out.

When Kim Kardashian met Snooki: Battle of the fameseekers. [Images via Getty]